The days of spies using cloak and dagger techniques is long gone. No longer do people leave tapes of microfilm around with private information. Nowadays, private information is passed around digitally through cell phones, computers, and private networks. This information can be accessed by an assortment of individuals, including law enforcement. Criminals have figured this out and have opted to communicate through burner phones. A burner phone is a phone that can be destroyed with little to no impact on the phone’s owner. The number associated with the phone is also given up when the phone is destroyed, leaving almost no paper trail for anyone to follow. Burner phones have a wide range of versatility and offer a range of security and privacy when communicating.

What is a Burner Phone?

A burner phone is a disposable phone specifically bought for the purpose of secure, private communication reasons, usually associated with criminal activity, however that is not always the use of a burner phone. Businesses and individuals use burner phones in legal manners when conducting business with individuals they would prefer not have access to personal information.

Where can you get a Burner Phone?

You can purchase burner phones from many locations around the world. There seems to be some confusion regarding pay-as-you-go phones and burner phones because they are quite similar, but not the same. Pay-as-you-go phones are usually bought with names and information in order to register specific phone numbers, but there are also prepaid pay-as-you-go phones available without any name or information exchange. These types of prepaid phones can easily be considered burner phones because there is no information tracing back to the owner.

Who uses Burner Phones?

There are legal reasons to use a burner phone, just as much as there are illegal reasons to use a burner phone. For example, if someone is doing business on Craigslist regularly, it might be optimal to use a phone number that can quickly be changed to avoid harassment from possible connections. In some businesses, it is a good idea to use a burner phone to avoid the chance of clients getting a hold of your personal information.

Burner phones are not going anywhere anytime soon because they have uses beyond criminal. Businesses and individuals have uses for burner phones such as conducting business off the internet, having multiple phone numbers for business reasons, and guaranteeing privacy for private conversations. Privacy is a big subject in the current political climate, but burner phones are a tool in the right direction.