The Government of the United States and Congress have began putting their heads together in an attempt to pass legislation regarding burner phones. There are not many things they can do other than require specific information be attached to a phone number/device. VOIP(Voice over Internet Protocol) phone number creation has taken on a life of its own because spoofing has become as easy as downloading an application. Attaching information to every phone number created is not feasible in the current telecommunication system. Leave it to Congress to attempt to control the uncontrollable. Burner phones will be available for the foreseeable future.

What does Congress think of Burner Phones?

They are concerned about the criminal use of burner phones. This includes terrorism, conducting criminal activity, and using encryption as a tool for corporate espionage. Burner phones are such a hot topic that legislation is being researched to help solve the criminal element. From what can be seen so far, the main concern is tracking the owner of the phone. Congress hopes to tie personal information to the purchase of burner phones for easier tracking. We will see if they change their minds.

Is Congress going to pass any legislation regarding Burner phones?

It seems to be in the works, but it is hard to be 100% certain. There are pressing issues that Congress has taken into consideration before burner phones. We are lucky and unlucky that this is the laziest Congress in history, but laws change slowly because of the sluggish Congress. Bickering and infighting between the parties has proven disastrous for passing legislation.

Does the President have any input on the Burner Phone issue?

The President may have an opinion regarding the use of burner phones, but ultimately, it depends on what Congress decides. There are no executive orders the President could file to expedite laws regarding burner phones because burner phones are not currently considered a threat to national security.

There will be legislation passed to reign in the vast amount of anonymous communication going on with burner phones. This legislation may have some effect, but the nature of human communication will make sure the idea of anonymous communication continues. Burner phones are a great tool for specific reasons much like a hammer is a great tool for specific reasons. Using either tool outside their specific use can lead to criminal activity, but outlawing the tool because of the criminal activity does no good for society. Hopefully Congress understands this before passing legislation regarding burner phones.