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Any number that comes across your Caller ID, ReverseCallerID.com can help reveal the name, city, and state for most land line’s and wireless numbers in the U.S. These include:
  • Cell Phone Numbers
  • Prepaid Cell Phone Numbers
  • Unlisted Phone Numbers
  • Land Line Phone Numbers
  • Non Published Phone Numbers
  • Disconnected Phone Number

ReverseCallerID.com is a FREE site that returns the name, city, and state for phone numbers that show up on a Caller ID. The city and state is derived from the area code and prefix of the phone number, some cellular numbers will display the name, but the city and state may not be accurate.
When the results of the Reverse Caller ID search are not enough, ReverseCallerID.com offer’s the ability to upgrade the FREE search to the Premium Assisted Phone Search which yields the most accurate real-time results for name and complete current address from ANY number in the U.S. and Canada.
The Premium Assisted Phone Search is NOT a simple database query search, it is completed by a real private investigator. Turnaround time for the premium assisted phone search is normally within hours the same business day with 100% accuracy guaranteed. If there is no information, there will be no charge.

The Premium Assisted Phone Search will always yield the name and complete address plus options return the date the number was activated as well as all additional numbers on the number researched account.