Effective anonymity is hard to achieve in the digital age. Computers, phones, and cameras track our movement and communication patterns. The ever watching eyes are around us at all times, but there are means to achieve anonymity. Encryption, burner phones, and “going off the grid” are a few examples of effective anonymity because the success rate of achieving anonymity through these means is high. Governments around the world continue to try and break the tools of anonymity with little success. Secure communication is the only effective method to staying anonymous in modern times.

What is the best way to stay anonymous in Modern Times?

Get off the grid and use only secure, private channels of communication. That is the best way to stay anonymous in modern times. Getting off the grid means not using any computers, cell phones, or devices that could be connected to the internet. It also means living away from any major city or person who might recognize you or someone you communicate. Going this far to stay anonymous is not normal, and the majority of people looking to obtain this level of anonymity are likely criminals with a past. However, there are legitimate reasons of wanting to go completely anonymous in modern times.(ex-lovers, family issues, harassment)

Can’t the NSA track any modern device?

This is something we may never know. The power of the NSA, FBI, and other Government Agencies is classified. We are unsure what lengths they are able to track modern phones, computers, and other internet connected devices, but we do know they are capable. If your goal is complete anonymity, assume every phone is traceable by law enforcement. Therein lies the advantage of burner phones. With such a short window of use, law enforcement is given little time to actively trace the user. Even agencies like ReverseCallerID.com have difficulty tracing burner phones.

Where can someone read more information regarding Effective Anonymity?

There are hundreds of websites around the internet that talk about effective anonymity. There are sites that charge for books and videos on how to “get off the grid.” The idea remains the same across all of these sites and information platforms, do not use any device that can connect to the internet if you want to stay anonymous.

Secure communication is the only effective method of staying anonymous in modern times because law enforcement and other three letter agencies have the ability to trace non secure communication. Encryption, burner phones, and “getting off the grid” are options for secure communication.