It takes training to be talented at things in this world, and the art of anonymity is no different. It is impossible to just decide to go anonymous without any knowledge or training in how to accomplish this task. Becoming anonymous in the modern age is a tall order for anyone, and not knowing what to do or even how to approach the idea will guarantee failure. One of the most efficient tools on the anonymous toolbelt is a Burner Phone. This is the first step for anyone attempting to become anonymous with their communication. Using a Burner Phone will enable secure, anonymous lines of communication, however, just like any other tool, you have to know how to use it for it to work properly. Just buying and using a Burner Phone is nowhere close to becoming 100% anonymous.

What is the Art of Anonymity?

Being anonymous is near impossible in the digital age. Cameras, phones, microphones, and other internet connected devices have the capability of uncovering anyone attempting to remain anonymous. Law enforcement takes full advantage of this to pursue criminals and terrorists, but this same system can be used by criminals and terrorists for their desires. This age of surveillance is a dual edged sword, and some people want nothing to do with it. These people prefer to stay anonymous and because staying anonymous is difficult, it has become an art form. That is why it is called the Art of Anonymity.

How do Burner Phones help someone become anonymous?

Burner Phones retain no personal information regarding the user of the phone, and if the user of the phone does not divulge any personal information in the conversation held on the phone, law enforcement has no way of tracing that information to a user, thus the user is anonymous. This degree of anonymity is not infallible and there are companies that can break through the smoke screen to find the phone user. Companies like have been in this business long enough to be successful in tracing Burner phones

Do Burner Phones truly make you anonymous?

In comparison to normal communication, yes. The conversations held on a Burner Phone can be traced back to a user if they divulge any personal information, however, if there is no information in the conversation, law enforcement has nothing to work with.

Staying anonymous in the modern era is almost impossible. There are only a handful of ways to stay off the grid, and Burner Phones are one of the tools used to stay off the grid. Properly using a Burner Phone takes training and knowledge. You can’t just buy a Burner Phone and then you are magically guarded from law enforcement, that’s not how it works. Understanding the art of anonymity is the only way to become anonymous.